Microscopic Research Making Macro Strides in the IMS

By Carla Calandra

Thanh D. Nguyen
Dr. Thanh D. Nguyen

The Institute of Materials Science is pleased to welcome Dr. Thanh D. Nguyen as an assistant professor for the Mechanical Engineering Department. Dr. Nguyen earned his Ph.D. from Princeton University’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 2013 and finished his postdoctoral training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015.

Dr. Nguyen’s work is highly interdisciplinary and at the interface of materials, nanotechnology and biomedicine. In the past, he studied the field of Biointerfaced Nanopiezoelectrics, which aims to develop advanced electromechanical nanomaterials and their interfaces with soft biological cells and tissues in order aid in engineering cellular mechanics. During his work at MIT, he has also developed a novel method to create three-dimensional microstructures of biomaterials for applications in tissue engineering and drug/vaccine delivery.

His research group here at UConn consists of undergraduate students Albert Miller III, Atta Detome Henoun, and Kinga Wrobel, with openings for interested graduate and postdoctoral students. The University of Connecticut is eager to see what progress he and his affiliates make this semester.

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