Ms. Kimberly Post

Ms. Kimberly Post

She has supported four directors of the Institute of Materials Science and seen countless students, faculty and staff members come and go. After 30 years of service to IMS and 35 years with the State of Connecticut, Kimberly Post, Assistant to the Director of IMS, retires today.

“It’s bittersweet,” Kim says of her time at UConn coming to an end. “I like my job.” But with the most recent union-negotiated contract she would stand to lose more by staying than leaving. “State employment used to be a feather in your cap but it’s not so much that any more,” she says.

Reflecting on the changes she has witnessed over her tenure at UConn, Kim notes that interpersonal relationships have become more formal over the years. But she relishes in the memories of the assistance she has been able to provide to students and faculty members especially, and to the IMS as a whole, noting that, “When you have people working 25, 35 years or more in IMS, it says that’s a good place to work.”

Looking ahead, Kim says that she is excited about starting a new chapter in her life. In the years that she has worked for UConn and the State of Connecticut she has had three children who have given her four grandchildren. While she looks forward to having more time for family, Kim sees an opportunity to bring the skills she has gained through her work in IMS to a new challenge.  “I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life,” she says.

Asked what she would miss most about her time in at UConn and in IMS she responded, “The people, definitely the people.”

Everyone at IMS wishes Kimberly the best as she starts her new chapter.