UConn MSE Seniors Attend World Maker Faire For NASA Capstone Project

MSE Students at Maker Faire 2017
Francis Almonte, Zane Grady, Andrew Nguyen, Adam Wentworth, and Jason Santivanez (senior MSEs) attended maker faire to showcase last year’s NASA sponsored capstone project and introduce the extension of the project to the public.

UConn MSE students presented their projects related to additive manufacturing at the World Maker Faire in NY Hall of Science Queens, NY for the third consecutive year. The projects were part of a showcase called In Space 3D Printing and Recycling.

All MSE seniors took part in this exciting event, which involved students displaying a capstone project sponsored by NASA. This year’s showcase involved students displaying a capstone project previously sponsored by NASA. The project focuses on the recyclability of specific thermoplastics and will continue this academic year under new sponsorship from Tethers Unlimited Inc. (TUI). TUI is fabricating a new 3D printer and recycler that will eventually find its home on the International Space Station to begin testing in 2018.

UConn was among seven of the university teams chosen by NASA to “design systems, concepts, and technologies that will help improve NASA’s exploration capabilities”. This is all part of NASA’s sixth eXploration Systems Habituation Academic Innovation Challenge, which includes ideas to progress 3D printing abilities, develop plant growth systems, better spacecraft environmental recycling programs and create conceptual habitat designs.

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