Xingxu Lu Wins Graduate Student Speaker Contest

Xingxu Lu
Xingxu Lu at the console of the FEI/Thermo Fisher Scientific Teneo SEM in the Center for Advanced Microscopy and Materials Analysis. With this tool, particle size, morphology and chemistry can be studied at the sub-micrometer scale.

The student chapter of the Materials Research Society recently announced Xingxu Lu, a second-year graduate student in Professor Pu-Xian Gao’s research group, as the winner of the Graduate Student Speaker Contest. The award recognizes his presentation entitled “Microwave-assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis and Manufacturing of TiO2 Nano-array Integrated Catalytic Converters,” as judged by a panel of students.

In his talk, Xingxu reported a microwave-assisted hydrothermal method, which involves the synthesis and manufacturing of TiO2 nano-arrays rooted to honeycomb monoliths for high performance automotive catalytic converters with mechanical and hydrothermal stability. Xingxu claimed that his research approach opened a new door for low-temperature scalable synthesis and the manufacturing of TiO2 nano-array integrated catalytic reactors with decent production rates and increased material utilization efficiency. Ultimately, he believes that these nano-array integrated catalytic converters could function well as low-temperature automotive emission control devices.  Read the full MSE story