Targeting the Flu with a Novel Antiviral Drug

James Cole, professor of molecular and cell biology, with a ultracentrifuge at the Biology/Physics Building on July 27, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Jim Cole’s journey to academia is surprising – as a former scientist at Merck, Cole has a unique perspective on the drug discovery process. Jim Cole is professor at the University of Connecticut in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Department of Chemistry. He is reentering the world of industry, thanks to support from UConn’s tech transfer experts and the Program in Innovative Therapeutics for Connecticut’s Health, also known as PITCH.

“When I went from Big Pharma to an academic position, I realized that in many ways I was on my own. Faculty members are much more independent than scientists working in a Big Pharma environment. As academics we are like small businesses with our own research projects and the responsibility for generating our own funding. While universities provide many important resources, the support facilities for translational research are often lacking. That is why PITCH is so essential for the work that we are doing.”  Read the full story from UConn Today