IMS Welcomes Dennis Ndaya as Manager of Thermal Analysis Lab

Dr. Dennis Ndaya
Dr. Dennis Ndaya

On June 5, Dr. Dennis Ndaya became the new manager of the Thermal Analysis Laboratory, replacing Dr. Laura Pinatti who retired in May.

Dr. Ndaya earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from UConn in December 2019 under the advisemnt of Dr. Rajeswari Kasi. He received his M.Sc. in environmental chemistry from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

His research has been published in such journals as International Journal of Pharmaceutics and Polymer Chemistry. Additionally, he has presented his research at the American Chemical Society where he received the Distinguished Poster Award in August 2015.

Dr. Ndaya’s research interests include synthetic methods, structural characterization, and thermal-mechanical analysis and microscopy. He has served on the IMS Safety Committee, and has served as a student mentor to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students on a variety of research projects, as well as serving as Head of the Department of Physical and Biological Sciences for the Pumwani Girls High School in Kenya.

IMS is proud to welcome Dr. Ndaya.