Dr. Chris Monteleone: Reflections on an IMS Ph.D. Graduate

by Osker Dahabsu, Institute of Materials Science

Dr. Chris Monteleone
Dr. Chris Monteleone

Dr. Christopher Monteleone completed his final defense and Ph.D. in Materials Science in May 2020. Chris began his education in UConn’s Chemical Engineering undergraduate program in 2010. During his sophomore year he was offered a research position in the ceramic’s laboratory of Dr. Steven L. Suib. The lab’s focus is coatings deposited by chemical vapor deposition for composites. Interest in these materials and processing led Chris to pursue minor degrees in both Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering.

Chris was encouraged to leave UConn for graduate school, however after some investigating, he realized his current lab was conducting cutting edge research that was unmatched and could lead him to a career. He remained at UConn to complete his Ph.D. in Materials Science. Chris’s thesis title was, “Design of Materials and Processing Methods for High Temperature Composites.”

Chris said he’s “grateful for the support he received at both IMS and Chemistry.” The open collaborative attitude helped him grow as a scientist and make achievements that might otherwise be impossible. Outside of research, Chris was offered an opportunity helping the mechanical testing and microscopy labs at IMS. This gave him experience in both professional communications and writing technical reports, excellent preparation for an industrial position.

Chris recently began his career as a Materials Engineer at the Rolls Royce High Temperature Composites lab in Cypress, California.