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UConn's Institute of Materials Science (IMS) was established in 1965 as an advanced materials research center, providing superior graduate research education in the interdisciplinary fields of materials science and engineering, and offering materials-related technical outreach to Connecticut’s industries. IMS operates and maintains extensive state-of-the-art instrumentation including a wide range of laboratories and support facilities that include a machine shop. Faculty members from 20 departments, including UConn Health, are affiliated with IMS and contribute to the Institute’s interdisciplinary research programs and outreach. Materials science and engineering, polymer science, materials science, chemistry, physics, chemical and biomolecular engineering, pharmacy, molecular and cell biology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, marine sciences, civil and environmental engineering, and biomedical engineering are the primary disciplines represented.

IMS supports graduate students in three primary fields of study: Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer Science, and Materials Science. Researchers in affiliated programs also use IMS facilities to perform materials-related research. The Institute is home to the Industrial Affiliates Program, an industry outreach program that assists Connecticut companies in their research and development efforts to improve new and existing products. This program provides many benefits for member companies, including access to facilities and faculty at UConn, technical programming, and other resources that assist in materials-related problem solving for industry. The Electrical Insulation Research Center is also based at IMS. The center has extensive facilities for characterizing the electrical properties of insulating materials used in electrical apparatus, including distribution and transmission networks, rotating machinery components, electrostatic/electro-responsive devices, and capacitive energy storages. IMS also manages the extensive Center for Advanced Microscopy and Materials Analysis (CAMMA) Laboratory as well as the X-ray facility in the Innovation Partnership Building (IPB).