Advanced Materials Characterization

Advanced Materials Characterization Certificate Program

The Materials Science department in UConn’s Institute of Materials Science (IMS) offers a fully online, 12-credit advanced engineering certificate in Advanced Materials Characterization with synchronous and asynchronous coursework. The only program of its kind and structured around virtual lab experiments, videos and lectures, engineers and scientists will learn various methods of analysis on how materials complement each other.

The certificate highlights include:

  • Choosing which instruments to use to solve practical problems
  • Understanding how various methods of analysis for materials complement each other along with the best methods to be used
  • Knowing the difference between which methods are destructive and which are not
  • Analyzing data and preparing samples.

All students apply and are admitted to the UConn Graduate School. Some credits earned within the certificate may be applied towards a Master of Engineering (MENG). Learn more about the Advanced Materials Characterization Plan of Study.

Steven L. Suib

Dr. Steven L. Suib is Director of the Institute of Materials Science and Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Connecticut. He is renowned for his work in synthesis by molecular design of environmentally friendly catalysts, surfaces, ceramics, adhesives and other materials as well as the characterization of the structural, surface, bulk, optical, magnetic, electronic, morphologic and thermal properties of them.