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Ali Gokirmak

GorkimakAliAli Gokirmak
Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
371 Fairfield Way
Storrs, Connecticut 06269
Office: ITE 335
Phone: (860) 486-9425
Email:  Web:



  • Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering, Cornell University, 2005
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering and Physics, University of Maryland at College Park, 1998


Research Focus

  • Applications of nanostructures
  • Nanofabrication technology
  • Small-scale MOSFET’s for sensors, logic and non-volatile memories
  • Quantum confinement effects in restricted geometries in MOSFET’s
  • Phase change memory (PCM)
  • Thermoelectric effects
  • Current induced crystallization


Current Publications

N. Kan’an, A. Faraclas, N. Williams, H. Silva and A. Gokirmak, “Computational Analysis of Rupture Oxide Phase Change Memory Cells,” IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices 60, 5, 1649 – 1655 (2013) 10.1109/TED.2013.2255130.

S. Fischer, C. Osorio, S. Ayas, N. Williams, H. Silva, A. Gokirmak, “Percolation Transport and Filament Formation in Nanocrystalline Silicon Nanowires,” Journal of Applied Physics, 113, 164902 (2013).

K. Cil, Y. Zhu, J. Li, C. H. Lam, H. Silva*, “Assisted Cubic to Hexagonal Phase Transition in GeSbTe Thin Films on Silicon Nitride,” Thin Solid Films, available online April 2013;

K. Cil, F. Dirisaglik, M. Wennberg, A. King, A. Faraclas, M. Akbulut, Y. Zhu, C. Lam, A. Gokirmak, H. Silva*, “Electrical Resistivity of Liquid Ge2Sb2Te5 Nanostructures,” IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices 60, 1, 433-437 (2013); 10.1109/TED.2012.2228273.

G. Bakan, L. Adnane, A. Gokirmak, H. Silva, “Extraction of Temperature Dependent Electrical Resistivity and Thermal Conductivity from Silicon Microwires Self-Heated to Melting Temperature,”J. Appl. Phys. 112, 063527 (2012).

N. Williams, H. Silva, A. Gokirmak, “Finite Element Analysis of Scaling of Silicon Micro-Thermoelectric Generators to Nanowire Dimensions,” J. Renewable Sustainable Energy 4, 043110 (2012)

N. Williams, H. Silva, A. Gokirmak, “Nanoscale RingFETs,” IEEE Electron Device Letters 33, 10, 1339 – 1341 (2012) 10.1109/LED.2012.2208093.

A. Cywar, H. Silva, A. Gokirmak, “Finite Element Modeling of a Nanowire-Based Oscillator Achieved Through Solid-Liquid Phase Switching for GHz Operation,” Solid State Electronics 78, 97-101 (2012).
A. Cywar, J. Li, C. Lam, H. Silva, “The Impact of Heater-Recess and Load Matching in Phase Change Memory Mushroom Cells,” Nanotechnology 23, 22, 225201(2012).

H. Silva, G. Bakan, A. Cywar, N. Williams, N. Henry, F. Dirisaglik, A. Gokirmak, “Crystallization of Silicon Microstructures Through Rapid Self-Heating for High-Performance Electronics on Arbitrary Substrates,” Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters 4, 10, 970-976 (2012).