Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – Bruker DMX 500

Bruker DMX 500
Bruker DMX 500 - table

Available Methods and Accessories

  • 5 mm TXI probe
  • 5 mm BBO probe

Sample Requirements

Soluble samples only. Common solvents used in NMR are chloroform, water, methanol, DMSO, and acetone. Deuterated solvents are preferred.

Summary of Technique

Samples are placed in an external magnetic field and bombarded with RF energy. This causes magnetic moments to excite and align against the external field. Emission of the absorbed resonant frequency gives characteristic spectra used for interpretation of chemical structure.

Information Provided & Detection Limits

Solution state NMR is used for determining the average structure of one molecule. It provides information on chemical structure and quantifiable amounts present in solution. This type of NMR can detect ppm levels of nuclei in solution.

Lab Location and Contact Information

Lab Location: Magnetic Resonance Lab
Lab Manager: Nicholas Eddy