Carver Lab Press

Carver Lab Press
Carver Lab Press

Available Methods and Accessories

Specially configured to perform compression molding of test plaque, bar specimens, polyethylene and other thermoplastic resins

Sample Requirements

200 mg to 1kg of solid resins/polymers/thermoplastics

Summary of Technique

  • Manually operated hydraulic laminating presses with stacked heating and cooling platens in bench top model.
  • Thermostatic control, aluminum platens, heating one opening while simultaneously cooling the other results in faster production of laminated samples, plastic plaques and other R&D items
  • This hydraulic heat press is available for compression molding resins into sheets at temperatures of up to 300 °C (570 °F) at a maximum force of 30 tons. Two chambers (four platens) are available to accommodate molds as large as 30 × 30 cm2 (12 × 12 in.)

Information Provided & Detection Limits


Lab Location and Contact Information

Location:  Thermal Analysis, Rheology, and Polymer Processing Lab
Point of Contact: Dennis Ndaya