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Debra A. Kendall

KendallDebraDebra A. Kendall
Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor
Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Head Department Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
69 North Eagleville Road
Storrs, CT 06269-3092
Phone: (860) 486-1891
Email:  Web:



  • Postdoctoral Training: Rockefeller University, 1983-1986
  • Ph.D. Northwestern University, Biochemistry, 1983
  • B.A. Smith College, Biochemistry, 1977


Research Focus

  • Biochemical and biophysical analyses of membrane-interactive proteins
  • Signal peptides and machinery of protein transport systems
  • Cannabinoid receptor activation and signal transduction



  • NFS Career Advancement Award, 1996


Current Publications

Bhanu, M.K., Zhao, P. and Kendall , D.A. (2013) “Mapping of the SecA Signal Peptide Binding Site and Dimeric Interface Using Substituted Cysteine Accessibility Method,” J. Bacteriol. 195, 4709-4715.

Yu, D., Wowor, A.J., Cole, J.L. and Kendall, D.A. (2013) “Defining the Escherichia Coli SecA Dimer Interface Residues Through in Vivo Site-Specific Photo-Crosslinking,” J. Bacteriol. 195, 2817-2825.

Ahn, K.H., Mahmoud, M.M., Shim, J.-Y. and Kendall, D.A. (2013) “Distinct Roles of β-Arrestin 1 and β-Arrestin 2 in ORG27569-Induced Biased Signaling and Internalization of the Cannabinoid Receptor One” (CB1), J. Biol. Chem. 288, 9790-9800.

Ahn, K.H., Scott, C.E., Abrol, R., Goddard III, W.A., and Kendall, D.A. (2013) “Computationally-Predicted CB1 Cannabinoid Receptor Mutants Show Distinct Patterns of Salt-Bridges that Correlate with Their Level of Constitutive Activity Reflected in G Protein Coupling Levels, Thermal Stability, and Ligand Binding,” Proteins: Struct., Funct., and Bioinf. 81, 1304-1317.

Ahn, K.H., Mahmoud, M.M., Samala, S., Lu, D. and Kendall, D.A. (2013) “Profiling Two Indole-2-Carboxamides for Allosteric Modulation of the CB1 Receptor,” J. Neurochem. 124, 584-589

Scott, C.E., Abrol, R., Ahn, K.H., Kendall, D.A. and Goddard III, W.A. (2013) “Molecular Basis for the Dramatic Changes in Cannabinoid CB1 GPCR Activation Upon Single Point Mutations,” Protein Sci. 22, 101-113.

Shim, J.-Y., Bertalovitz, A. and Kendall, D.A. (2012) “Probing the Interaction of SR141716A with the CB1 Receptor,” J. Biol. Chem. 287, 38741-38754.

Ahn, K.H., Mahmoud, M. and Kendall, D.A. (2012) “Allosteric Modulator ORG27569 Induces a CB1 Cannabinoid Receptor High Affinity Agonist Binding State, Receptor Internalization and Gi-Independent ERK1/2 Activation,” J. Biol. Chem. 287, 12070-12082.

Auclair, S.M., Bhanu, M.K. and Kendall, D.A. (2012) “Signal Peptidase I: Cleaving the Way to Mature Proteins,” Protein Sci. 21, 13-25.

De Bona, P., Deshmukh, L., Vinogradova, O. and Kendall, D.A. (2012) “Structural Studies of a Signal Peptide in Complex with Signal Peptidase I Cytoplasmic Domain: the Stabilizing Effect of Membrane-Mimetics on the Acquired Fold, Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics” 80, 807-817.