Universal Testing Equipment – Instron 5869


Available Methods and Accessories

  • 50 kN, 5 kN, 100 N load cells
  • Tensile grips
  • Compression platen
  • 3-point bend fixture

Sample Requirements

All samples should be prepared as appropriate for the test and be free of any defect that will cause premature failure.

Summary of Technique

Samples are placed between two grip fixtures and force is applied by motion of the cross-head. The resulting stress is calculated and recorded by the computer. Stress-strain curves are utilized to calculate elastic modulus, elongation/compression at break, ultimate tensile/compression strength, and yield points.

Information Provided & Detection Limits

Tensile/compression testing provides information on material properties for strength and toughness.

Lab Location and Contact Information

Lab Location: Mechanical Testing Lab
Lab Manager: Nicholas Eddy