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Jason N. Hancock

HancockJasonJason N. Hancock
Assistant Professor

Department of Physics
2152 Hillside Road
Storrs, CT 06269-3046
Phone: (860) 486-3556
Email:  Web:


  • Ph.D., Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2005
  • M.Sc., Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2000
  • B.Sc., Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998


Research Focus

  • Experimental condensed matter physics with general research interest in strongly correlated electron systems
  • Studies of charge excitations in novel materials, including high temperature superconductors and topological insulators
  • Infrared and terahertz spectroscopy; inelastic resonant X-ray scattering



  • Physics Department Service Award, UC Santa Cruz, June 2005
  • Founding member, UCSC Physics Journal Club (with Trieu T. Mai) Spring 2004
  • Member, American Physical Society, 2000-present
  • UC Regents PhD Fellowship, Fall 1998-Winter 1999
  • Member of Golden Key National Honor Society, 1997-1998
  • Passed qualifying examinations upon arrival, UC Santa Cruz, August 1998
  • Graduated with Highest Honors (i.e. summa cum laude), Georgia Tech, 1998
  • Dean’s List, Georgia Tech, 1995-1998
  • Dean’s List, Georgia Southern University, 1995


Current Publications

Dirk van der Marel and Jason N. Hancock, “Susceptible to Pairing”, Physics 4, 89 (2011).

Jason N. Hancock, J. L. M. van Mechelen, Alexey B. Kuzmenko, Dirk van der Marel, C. Brüne, E. G. Novik, G. V. Astakhov, H. Buhmann, Laurens Molenkamp, “Surface State Charge Dynamics of a High-Mobility Three Dimensional Topological Insulator,” Physical Review Letters 107, 136803 (2011).

Marco Guarise, B. Dalla Piazza, Marco Moretti Sala, Giacomo Ghiringhelli, Lucio Braicovich, H. Berger, Jason N. Hancock, Dirk van der Marel, Thorsten Schmitt, Victor N. Strocov, Luuk J. P. Ament, Joroen van den Brink, P.-H. Lin, P. Xu, Henrik M. Rønnow, Marco Grioni, “Measurement of Magnetic Excitations in the Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnetic Sr2CuO2Cl2 Insulator Using Resonant X-Ray Scattering: Evidence for Extended Interactions,”Physical Review Letters 105, 157006 (2010).

Cheng-chien Chen, Brian Moritz, François Vernay, Jason N. Hancock, Steven Johnston, Guillaume Chabot-Couture, Martin Greven, Ilya Elfimov, George Sawatzky, Thomas Devereaux,”Unraveling the Nature of Charge Excitations in La2CuO4 with Momentum-Resolved Cu K-edge Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering,” Physical Review Letters 105, 177401 (2010).

Jason N. Hancock, Romain Viennois, Dirk van der Marel, Henrik Rønnow, Marco Guarise, P.-H. Lin, Marco Grioni, Marco Moretti Sala, Giacomo Ghiringhelli, Justina Schlappa, Thorsten Schmitt,”Evidence for Core-Hole Mediate Photon Scattering from Metallic Fe1.087Te,” Physical Review B, 82, 020513(R) (2010).

Jason N. Hancock, Seyed Iman Mirzaei, Jack Gillett, Suchitra Sebastian, Romain Viennois, Enrico Gianinni, Dirk van der Marel, “Strong Coupling to Magnetic Fluctuations in the Charge Dynamics of Fe-Based Superconductors,” Physical Review B, 82, 014523 (2010).

Guillaume Chabot-Couture, Jason N. Hancock, Patrick K. Mang, Diego Casa, Thomas Gog, Martin Greven, “Polarization Dependence and Symmetry Analysis in Indirect K-Edge RIXS,” Physical Review B, 82, 035113 (2010).

Jason N. Hancock, Guillaume Chabot-Couture, Martin Greven, “Lattice Coupling and Franck-Condon Effects in Cu K-Edge Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering,”New Journal of Physics, 12, 033001 (2010).

Jason N. Hancock, Guillaume Chabot-Couture, Guerman Petrakovskii, Kenji Ishii, Jun’ichiro Mizuki, Martin Greven, Thomas P. Devereaux, “Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Study of Quasi zero-Dimensional CuB2O4,” Physical Review B, 80, 092509 (2009).

Zack Schlesinger, Jonathan R. Rosen, Jason N. Hancock, Art P. Ramirez,
“Soft Manifold Dynamics Behind Negative Thermal Expansion,” Physical Review Letters, 101, 015501 (2008).