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Ioulia (Julia) A. Valla

VallaJulia2013_profileIoulia (Julia) A. Valla
Northeast Utilities Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering Education

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
191 Auditorium Road, Unit 3222
Storrs, CT 06269-3222
Phone: (860) 486-0583


  • Ph.D., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2005


Research Focus

  • Modeling and simulation of process systems
  • Coal and Biomass to Poly-generation (Liquids, Chemicals, Power)
  • CO2 reduction technologies
  • Sulfur reduction in transportation fuels
  • Refinery processes
  • Hierarchical pore structure zeolites



  • Precision Combustion, Inc Award: 13X Zeolite as Potential Molecular Sieve for Gas Phase Impurities Removal, 2012
  • NSF Award: Turning Tars into Energy: Zeolites with Hierarchical Pore Structure for the Catalytic Removal of Tars, 2012
  • European Program Recovery and Utilization of Carbon Dixoide (RUCADI) Project Award for study: Better Use Of Carbon Dioxide. Topic: CO as raw material for the synthesis of products of the chemical and energy industry, 2000


Current Publications

Javier Garcia-Martinez, Marvin Johnson, Julia Valla, Kunhao Li and Jackie Y. Ying, “Mesostructured zeolite Y-high hydrothermal stability and superior FCC catalytic performance” Catalysis Science and Technology, 2 (2012) 987-994.

Javier Garcia Martinez, Marvin M. Johnson, Ioulia Valla, “Introduction of mesoporosity in low Si/Al USY zeolite and the effect of drying conditions on mesoporosity introduction”, US Provisional Patent Application Number 61145724.

Lawrence B. Dight, Javier Garcia Martinez, Ioulia Valla, Marvin M. Johnson, “ Methods of improving the hydrothermal stability of mesostructured zeolites by rare earth ion exchange” US Provision Patent Application Number 61145723.

Athanasios G. Konstadopoulos, Jean-Christophe Hoguet, George Karagiannakis, Julia Valla, Christos Agrafiotis “ Gas and liquid desulphurization for hydrogen production via reforming processes” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 3(11) (2009) 4953-4962.

J. A. Valla, E. Mouriki, A.A Lappas, I.A. Vasalos “The effect of heavy aromatic sulfur compounds on sulfur in cracked naphtha” Catal. Today, 127 (2007) 92-98.

J.A. Valla, A. A. Lappas, I. A. Vasalos “Catalytic Cracking of thiophene and benzothiophene: Mechanism and Kinetics” Applied Catalysis A:General, 297 (2006) 90-101.

J.A. Valla, A. A. Lappas, I. A. Vasalos, C. Kuehler, N. J. Gudde “Feed and Process effects on the in situ reduction of sulfur in FCC gasoline” Applied Catalysis A: General, 276 (2004) 75-87.

Α. Α. Lappas, J. A. Valla, I. A. Vasalos, C. Kuehler, J. Francis, P. O’ Connor, N. J. Gudde “The effect of catalysts properties on the in situ reduction of sulfur in FCC gasoline” Applied Catalysis A: General, 262 (2004) 31-41.

A.A. Lemonidou, J.A. Valla and I.A. Vasalos, “Methanol production from natural gas-Assessment of CO2 utilization in natural gas reforming” in Carbon Dioxide Recovery and Utilisation, Edited by M. Aresta, Kluwer Academic Publishers (2003) p. 379-394.

A. A. Lappas, J. A. Valla, I. A. Vasalos, C. W. Kuehler, J. Francis, P. O’ Connor, N.J. Gudde “Sulfur Reduction in FCC Gasoline” Preprints Division of Petroleum Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Orlando, Florida, April 7-11, 2002.