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Michael T. Pettes

Pettes_wMichael T. Pettes
Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering
191 Auditorium Road
Storrs, CT 06269
Office: UTEB-354
Phone: (860) 486-2855
Email:  Web:



  • Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 2011
  • M.S., The University of Texas at Austin, 2007
  • B.S., Duke University, 2001


Research Focus

  • Thermal transport physics at the micro- and nano-scale
  • Engineering of materials at the nanoscale for energy conversion and storage applications


Current Publications

Pettes, M. T. and Shi, L., “A reexamination of phonon transport through a nanoscale point contact in vacuum,” Journal of Heat Transfer 136, 032401 (2014).

Bi, K., Weathers, A., Matsushita, S., Pettes, M. T., Goh, M., Akagi, K., and Shi, L., “Iodine doping effects on the lattice thermal conductivity of oxidized polyacetylene nanofibers,” Journal of Applied Physics 114, 194302 (2013).

Pettes, M. T., Maassen, J., Jo, I., Lundstrom, M. S., and Shi, L., “Effects of surface band bending and scattering on thermoelectric transport in suspended bismuth telluride nanoplates,” Nano Letters 13, 5316–5322 (2013).

Valentín, L. A., Betancourt, J., Fonseca, L. F., Pettes, M. T., Shi, L., Soszyński, M., and Huczko, A., “A comprehensive study of thermoelectric and transport properties of β-silicon carbide nanowires,” Journal of Applied Physics 114, 184301-1–8 (2013).

Davami, K., Weathers, A. C., Kheirabi, N., Mortazavi, B., Pettes, M. T., Shi, L., Lee, J.-S., and Meyyappan, M., “Thermal conductivity of ZnTe nanowires,” Journal of Applied Physics 114, 134314 (2013).

Weathers, A. C., Bi, K., Pettes, M. T., and Shi, L., “Reexamination of thermal transport measurements of a low-thermal conductance nanowire with a suspended micro-device,” Review of Scientific Instruments 84, 084903 (2013).

Jo, I., Pettes, M. T., Kim, J., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Yao, Z., and Shi, L., “Thermal conductivity and phonon transport in suspended few-layer hexagonal boron nitride,” Nano Letters 13, 550–554 (2013).

Pettes, M. T., Ji, H. X., Ruoff, R. S., and Shi, L., “Thermal transport in three-dimensional foam architectures of few-layer graphene and ultrathin graphite,” Nano Letters 12, 2959–2964 (2012).

Sadeghi, M. M., Pettes, M. T., and Shi, L., “Thermal transport in graphene,” Solid State Communications 152, 1321–1330 (2012).

Ji, H. X., Zhang, L., Pettes, M. T., Li, H. F., Chen., S. S., Shi, L., Piner, R. D., and Ruoff, R. S., “Ultra-thin graphite foam: a three-dimensional conductive network for battery electrodes,” Nano Letters 12, 2446–2451 (2012).