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Focused Ion Beam System

Thermo Fisher Scientific Strata 400S DUAL BEAM FIB


The Strata 400 STEM DualBeam system is a fully digital Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) equipped with Focused Ion Beam (FIB) technology and Flipstage/STEM assembly. It allows for complete in-situ sample preparation and high-resolution analysis.

Special features of IMS DualBeam system include:

  • Ultra-high resolution electron optics with SE and BSE in-lens detection and STEM imaging
  • High-resolution Ion Optics (SidewinderTM column)
  • Omniprobe AutoProbe 200.2 sample extraction system
  • Flipstage with pivoting rowbar for TEM grids
  • Retractable, annular STEM detector
  • EDAX EDS microanalysis system
  • Auto ‘Slice and View’ software with ‘3D’ reconstruction


Transmission Electron Microscopes


jeolJem The JEOL 2010 FasTEM is an advanced TEM with an ultra-high resolution pole-piece, giving a lattice resolution of 0.14nm. It is equipped with a Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF 2000) that enables electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy filtered imaging to be performed. Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) can be undertaken using an EDAX Phoenix system, which has a super-ultrathin polymer window, giving excellent light element detection (Z > 4).Four high-resolution CCD cameras allow images to be acquired digitally, and the FasTEM interface allows the TEM to be controlled remotely from almost any location.The acquisition of this instrument was made possible in part by the award of a Major Research Instrumentation Award from the National Science Foundation (Award # DMR-0079002, Program Manager Dr. G.X. Tessema).


Thermo Fisher Scientific Tecnai T12 S/TEM

T12_300 The 2006 Tecnai T12 is a fully capable TEM/STEM with EDAX EDS system. Computer controlled, with many automated functions, equipped with digital and plate film cameras, supplemented with a wide assortment of specimen holders including tilt, rotate, and in-situ heating and cooling, the IMS T12 is a complete instrument to serve the research needs of the wider community.



Scanning Electron Microscopes


jeolJSM6335 The JEOL FESMs are a cold cathode field emission scanning electron microscopes. They have a resolution of 1.5nm at 15kV and 5.0nm at 1kV. They are equipped with a Thermo Noran System Six EDS capable of detecting elements Be and above, with drift correction, Spectral Imaging, and COMPASS Component Analysis.



Optical Microscopes

Transmitted Light Including Polarized and Phase Contrast Techniques

optical-lab300 The laboratory is equipped with a Nikon Labophot as well as an Olympus Vanox Universal Research microscope. Each of these instruments provides useful magnification of 40X to 1000X. Supplemental compensators are available for polarized light measurements; phase contrast, dispersion staining, refractive index determination, and micrometry are also possible.



Reflected Light Including Brightfield/Darkfield, DIC, Interference

Housed in the laboratory are two Nikon Metaphot metallurgical microscopes, one of which is equipped for brightfield and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) optics; the other features brightfield or darkfield illumination. Magnification ranges from 25X to 1000X. A Leitz reflected light interference microscope is available for measurement of surface roughness and/or thin film thickness.In addition to the microscopes listed above, the laboratory has several Leitz transmitted light microscopes, each having polarizing capabilities, which can be dedicated for long-term research projects.


Microscopy Sample Preparation

The lab is fully equipped with the following TEM and SEM sample preparation equipment:
  • Edwards E306A Coating System
  • Fischione 170 Ultrasonic Disc Cutter
  • Gatan 659 Disc Punch
  • Gatan Duomill 600 Ion Mill
  • Gatan PIPS 691 Ion Mill
  • Polaron E5100 SEM Coating Unit
  • Servo Core Drill
  • Southbay Technology 515 Dimpler
  • Struers Accutom-50 Precision Saw
  • Struers TenuPol-5 Electropolisher