Molecular Analysis – Perkin Elmer Spotlight 400 Imaging System (micro-FTIR)

Perkin Elmer Spotlight 400 Imaging System

Available Methods and Accessories

  • Spectrum 100 Bench + ZnS ATR

Sample Requirements

  • Non-aqueous liquids or solids
  • Sub-millimeter thickness required

Summary of Technique

A sample is illuminated with infrared light, the absorption of which causes molecular vibrations in the sample. These vibrations are characteristic of functional groups in the sample. A representative spectrum is shown to the left with some of the evident functional groups denoted. FTIR is not able to determine connectivity of functional groups.

Information Provided & Detection Limits

FTIR microscopy is capable of determining the major organic chemical species present in a sample, with a detection limit of 1-5% by weight. It is capable of resolving spectral changes throughout a sample through point, line and global scans at a scale of 6.25 microns or larger.

Lab Location and Contact Information

Lab Location: Science 1, G20
Lab Manager: Capri Price