Montgomery Shaw

Professor Emeritus


  • Ph.D. Princeton University
  • B.Ch.E. Cornell University

Research Focus

  • Rheology, especially of polymer melts and solutions
  • Specialized rheological and mechanical measurements
  • Processing of polymers
  • Phase behavior and properties of polymer blends and solutions


Shaw, M. T. and W. J. MacKnight. 2018. Introduction to Polymer Viscoelasticity.  Wiley, New York. 4th edition, 349 pp.

Sun, S-P., J. R. Olson, M. Wei and M. T. Shaw. 2015. A modified pultrusion process for preparing composites reinforced with continuous fibers and aligned hydroxyapatite nano needles.  Polym. Comp. 36 (5): 931-938

Heimbach, B., K. Grassie, M. T. Shaw, J. R. Olson, M. Wei. 2017. Effect of hydroxyapatite concentration on high-modulus composite for biodegradable bone fixation devices.  J. Biomed. Mater. Res.: Part B.. Appl. Biomater., 105B 1963-1971.

Gong, C., L. Pinatti, G. Lavigne, M. T. Shaw and D. A. Scola,. 2017. Thermal stability of end-capped and linear sulfonated polyimides, sulfonated polystyrene, and Nafion 117.  J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 135(3) online version 9/2/2017, DOI: 10.1002/app.45694.

Shaw, M. T., “On testing the Cox-Merz rule as applied to simple polymer melts,” Proceedings, 2nd Annual International Conference on Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Process (CCECP 2014), Singapore, January 3, 2014, pp 47-49.

Shaw, M. T. “On Estimating The Zero-Shear-Rate Viscosity: Tests With PIB And PDMS,” PPS2015, Polymer Processing Society, Graz, Austria, September 19-25, 2015. Five pages, no pagination.

Shaw, M. T., J. J. Liu and L. Sun.  2016. “Rheological investigation of interaction in suspensions ofmontmorillonite clay in poly(vinyl alcohol) solutions,” XVII International Congress on Rheology, Kyoto, Japan, August 7-13, 2016. P002, 2 pages, electronic only.

Montgomery Shaw
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