Polymer Processing – Thermo Fisher Scientific Prism TSE 16 TC

Thermo Fisher Scientific Prism TSE 16 TC

Thermo Fisher Scientific Prism TSE 16 TC

Sample Requirements

200g to 1Kg of polymers, chemicals, food, or ceramics


Summary of Technique

  • This small twin-screw extruder is designed for bench-top operation. It includes pre-mixers, chill rolls, strand pelletizing lines, and an air-cooled face-cut system.
  • The horizontally split barrels are quick to open, giving easy access to screws and process contact surfaces for configuration changes or cleaning. The barrel has additional ports for feeding solids and/or liquids, or for venting.
  • A simple manual control panel houses controls and instruments to operate the extruder and feeders. Low maintenance, brushless, variable-speed AC motors drive the screws at up to 500 rpm. This twin-screw extruder can be used for research, development or small-scale production.

Information Provided

  • Twin-screw co-rotating extruder with vacuum pump, cooling bath and granulator is ideal for compounding of test samples and small-scale manufacturing.
  • thermoplastic polymer composite, masterbatches, biodegradable polymers, adhesives, and nanocomposite material mixing, homogenization and dispersion

Lab Location and Contact Information

Location:  Thermal Analysis, Rheology, and Polymer Processing Lab
Point of Contact: Dennis Ndaya