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Savas Tasoglu

Savas TasoglySavas Tasoglu
Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering
UTEB, 191 Auditorium Road, UNIT 3139
Storrs, CT 06269-3139
Office: Room 372
Phone: (860) 486-5919
Email:   Web:




  • Post-doctoral Post Doc Fellowship, Harvard University, 2011-2014
  • Ph.D.University of California, Berkeley, 2011
  • M.Sc., Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006-2008
  • B.SC., METU, Ankara, Turkey, 2002-2006


Research Focus

  • The study of micro/nano- fluidic transport phenomena.
  • Development of portable and smart technologies utilizing magnetics, microfluidics, and 3D printing with applications in health care and life sciences.
  • Development of biotechnological tools to create tissue constructs that could be used for tissue/organ replacement, regenerative medicine, high throughput in vitro screening, as well as pharmaceutical drug discovery.



  • Connecticut Innovations Third Bridge Award to initiate our start-up company (mBiotics), 2016
  • Our company idea has been chosen for NSF I-Corps UConn Accelerate Stage 2, 2015
  • UConn Provost’s Mini Teaching Innovation Mini Grant Award, 2015
  • American Heart Association (AHA) Scientist Development Award, 2015
  • UC, Berkeley Institute Fellow for 2011 Summer Institute for Preparing Future Faculty, 2011
  • Chang-Lin Tien Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering, 2011
  • Travel Grant for Opportunities in Energy Research Workshop, Portland, 2010
  • UC, Berkeley Departmental awards and funding from Mary Elizabeth Rennie endowment for Epilepsy Research and California HIV/AIDS Research Program, 2009
  • 2219 Fellowship, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, 2008


Current Publications

S. Tasoglu*, E. Diller*, S. Guven, M. Sitti, U. Demirci, “Untethered micro-robotic coding of three-dimensional material composition”, Nature Communications, 5, 3124 (2014). *Contributed equally. NIHMS549893.

Tasoglu, C.H. Yu, H.I. Gungordu, S. Guven, T. Vural, U. Demirci, “Guided and magnetic self-assembly of magnetoceptivegels”, Nature Communications, 5, 4702 (2014).

Tasoglu, J. Khoory, H.C. Tekin, I.C. Ghiran, U. Demirci, “Levitational Image Cytometry with Temporal Resolution”, Advanced Materials, 27 (26), 3901-3908(2015)

N.G. Durmus, S. Tasoglu, U. Demirci, “Functional Droplet Networks”, Nature Materials, 12(6), 478-79 (2013).

Tasoglu, D. Kavaz, U.A. Gurkan, S. Guven, P. Chen, R. Zheng, U. Demirci, “Paramagnetic Levitational Assembly of Hydrogels”, Advanced Materials, 25(8), 1137-43 (2013).

Tasoglu, H. Safaee, X. Zhang, J.L. Kingsley, P.N. Catalano, U.A. Gurkan, A. Nureddin, E. Kayaalp, R.M. Anchan, R.L. Maas, E. Tüzel, U. Demirci, “Exhaustion of racing sperm in nature-mimicking microfluidic channels during sorting”, Small, 9(20), 3366(2013).

S Tasoglu, CH Yu, V Liaudanskaya, S Guven, C Migliaresi, U Demirci, “Magnetic Levitational Assembly for Living Material Fabrication”, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 4(10), 1469-76 (2015).

Knowlton, I. Sencan, Y. Aytar, J. Khoory, M.M. Heeney, I.C. Ghiran, S. Tasoglu, “Sickle Cell Detection Using a Smartphone”, Scientific Reports, 5, 15022 (2015).

Knowlton, C.H Yu, F. Ersoy, S. Emadi, A. Khademhosseini, and S. Tasoglu, “3D-Printed Microfluidic Chips with Patterned, Cell-Laden Hydrogel Constructs” Biofabrication, 8(2), 25019 (2016)

Yenilmez, S. Knowlton, C.H. Yu, M.M. Heeney and S. Tasoglu, “Label-free Sickle Cell Disease Diagnosis Using a Low-Cost, Handheld Platform”, Advanced Materials Technologies, 1(5), 1600100(2016).