Surface Analysis – Material Surface/BET Analyzer

Material Surface/BET Analyzer


Sample Requirements

Solid samples (100 mg – 2 g)


Summary of Technique

  • The NOVA e-Series of surface area analyzers offers a full line of rapid, high throughput B.E.T. surface area and pore size analyzers.
  • It uses a nitrogen absorption/desorption process to characterize powders and pellets.
  • Analyzes up to 200 data points (100 adsorption points and 100 desorption points).
  • Two samples are dried and analyzed simultaneously- at different temperatures if required

Information Provided and Detection Limits

Information Provided

  • single and multi-point BET surface area measurements
  • pore size distribution
  • total pore volume
  • average pore radius

Detection Limits

  • Measurement types: B.E.T., STSA, adsorption isotherm, desorption isotherm.
  • Surface area range: 0.01 m2/g to no known upper limit.
  • Pore size range: 0.35 to >500nm (3.5 to >5000 Å)
  • Minimum pore volume: (liquid) 2.2 x 10-6 ml/g
  • Minimum pore volume: (STP) 0.0001 cc/g
  • Temperature Range: ambient - 450 ºC*, 1º C intervals
  • Temperature Range: ambient - 450 ºC*, 1º C intervals

Lab Location and Contact Information

Location:  Thermal Analysis, Rheology, and Polymer Processing Lab
Point of Contact: Dennis Ndaya