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Wai Hong (Kevin) Lo

Wai Hong (Kevin) Lo, Ph.D.Wai Hong (Kevin) Lo
Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology
Department of Biomedical Engineering
UConn Stem Cell Institute
Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

R1704, CGSB
University of Connecticut Health
400 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030

Office: 860-679-2949

E-mail:  Web:



  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Research Focus

  • Regenerative engineering utilizing inductive small molecules
  • Targeted drug delivery devices for bone diseases
  • Cytoplasmic dynein molecular motor-based vehicles for intracellular drug and gene delivery
  • Signaling mechanism underlying musculoskeletal regeneration


Current Publications

Carbone, E.J., Rajpura, K., Jiang, T., Kan, H.-M., Yu, X., Lo, K.W.-H., Osteotropic Nanoscale Drug Delivery System via a Single Aspartic Acid as the Bone-targeting Moiety. J. Nanosci Nanotechnol (in press), 2016

Jiang, T., Carbone, E.J., Lo, K.W.-H., Laurencin, C.T. Electrospinning Polymers for Tissue Regeneration. Prog Polym Sci 46, 1-24, 2015

Jiang, T., Yu, X., Carbone, E.J., Nelson, C., Kan, H.-M., Lo, K.W.-H. Poly-aspartic Acid Peptide Linked PLGA-based Nanoscale Particles: Potential for Bone-targeting Drug Delivery Applications. Int J. Pharm 475: 547-557, 2014.

Carbone, E.J., Jiang, T., Nelson, C., Henry, N., Lo, K.W.-H. Small molecule delivery through nanofibrous scaffolds for musculoskeletal regenerative engineering. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 10: 1691-1699, 2014

Laurencin, C.T., Ashe, K.M., Henry, N., Kan, H.-M., and Lo, K.W.-H. Delivery of Small Molecules for Bone Regenerative Engineering: Preclinical Studies and Potential Clinical Applications. Drug Discov Today 19:794-800, 2014

Lo, K.W.-H., Jiang, T., Gagnon, K.A., Nelson, C., and Laurencin, C.T. Small Molecule-based Musculoskeletal Regenerative Engineering. Trends in Biotech. 32:74-81, 2014; Cover article featured by the Editor

Cushnie, E. K., Ulery, B.D., Nelson, S.J., Deng, M. Sethuraman, S., Doty, S.B., Lo, K.W.-H., Khan, Y., and Laurencin, C.T. Simple Signaling Molecules for Inductive Bone Regenerative Engineering. PLoS ONE 14;9:e101627, 2014

Ulery, B.D., Kan, H. M., Williams, B.C., Narasimhan, B., Lo K.W.-H., Nair, L.S., Laurencin, C.T. Fabrication of Polyanhydride/Anesthetic Nanoparticles with Tunable Release Kinetics. Adv Healthc Mater  3:843-847, 2014.

Lo K.W.-H., Ulery, B.D., Ashe, K.M., Kan, H.-M. and Laurencin, C.T. Evaluating the Feasibility of Utilizing Small Molecule Phenamil as a Novel Biofactor for Bone Regenerative Engineering. J Tissue Eng Regen Med 8:728-36, 2014.

Lo K.W.-H., Ulery, B.D., Ashe, K. M. and Laurencin, C.T. Studies of Bone Morphogenetic Protein based Surgical Repair.  Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev. 64:1277-91, 2012.