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Wolf-Dieter Reiter

ReiterWolfDieter_wWolf-Dieter Reiter
Professor Emeritus

Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
University of Connecticut
75 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3125
Storrs, CT 06269-3125
Phone: (860) 486-5733
Email: Web: <a href=”



  • Ph.D., University of Munich


Research Focus

    • Biochemical genetics of plant cell wall synthesis using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system
    • Regulation of nucleotide sugar interconversion pathways
    • Plant cell wall ultrastructure
    • Glycosyltranferases and nucleotide Sugar interconversion enzymes


Current Publications

Anouck Diet, Bruce Link, Georg J. Seifert, Barbara Schellenberg, Ulrich Wagner, Markus Pauly, Wolf-Dieter Reiter, Christoph Ringli. “The Arabidopsis Root Hair Cell Wall Formation Mutant lrx1 is Suppressed by Mutations in the RHM1 Gene Encoding a UDP-L-Rhamnose Synthase” Plant Cell Online Issue (2006).

Joon-Woo Ahn, Rajeev Verma, Moonil Kim, Jae-Yong Lee, Yu-Kyung Kim, Jae-Wook Bang, Wolf-Dieter Reiter, Hyun-Sook Pai. “Depletion of UDP-D-apiose/UDP-D-xylose Synthases Results in Rhamnogalacturonan-II Deficiency, Cell Wall Thickening, and Cell Death in Higher Plants” J. Biol. Chem. 281, 13708-13716 (2006).

Weidong Yong, Bruce Link, Ronan O’Malley, Jagdish Tewari, Charles T. Hunter, Chung-An Lu, Xuemei Li, Anthony B. Bleecker, Karen E. Koch, Maureen C. McCann, Donald R. McCarty, Sara E. Patterson, Wolf-Dieter Reiter, Christ Staiger, Steven R. Thomas, Wilfred Vermerris, Nicholas C. Carpita. “Genomics of Plant Cell Wall Biogenesis.” Planta 221, 747-751 (2005).

Michael Mølhøj, Rajeev Verma and Wolf-Dieter Reiter. “The Biosynthesis of D-Galacturonate in Plants. Functional Cloning and Characterization of a Membrane-Anchored UDP-D-Glucuronate 4-Epimerase from Arabidopsis” Plant Physiol. 135, 1221-1230 (2004).

Björn Usadel, Urte Schlüter, Michael Mølhøj, Martijn Gipmans, Rajeev Verma, Jens Kossmann, Wolf-Dieter Reiter, and Markus Pauly. “Identification and Characterization of a UDP-D-Glucuronate 4-Epimerase in Arabidopsis” FEBS Lett. 569, 327-331 (2004).

Xuemei Li, Israel Cordero, Jeffrey Caplan, Michael Mølhøj, Wolf-Dieter Reiter.”Molecular Analysis of 10 Coding Regions from Arabidopsis that are Homologous to the MUR3 Xyloglucan Galactosyltransferase.” Plant Physiol. 134, 940-950 (2004).

Michael Mølhøj, Rajeev Verma and Wolf-Dieter Reiter. “The Biosynthesis of the Branched-Chain Sugar D-Apiose in Plants: Functional Cloning and Characterization of a UDP-D-Apiose/UDP-D-Xylose Synthase from Arabidopsis.” Plant J. 35, 693-703 (2003).

Michael Madson, Christophe Dunand, Xuemei Li, Rajeev Verma, Gary F. Vanzin, Jeffrey Caplan, Douglas A. Shoue, Nicholas C. Carpita, Wolf-Dieter Reiter. “The MUR3 Gene of Arabidopsis Encodes a Xyloglucan Galactosyltransferase that is Evolutionarily Related to Animal Exostosins.” Plant Cell. 15, 1662-1670 (2003).

Peter Ryden, Keiko Sugimoto-Shirasu, Andrew C. Smith, Kim Findlay, Wolf-Dieter Reiter, Maureen C. McCann. “Tensile Properties of Arabidopsis Cell Walls Depend on Both a Xyloglucan Cross-Linked Microfibrillar Network and Rhamnogalacturonan II-Borate Complexes.” Plant Physiol. 132, 1033-40 (2003).

Jennifer P.-C. To, Wolf-Dieter Reiter, Susan I. Gibson. “Chloroplast Biogenesis by Arabidopsis Seedlings is Impaired in the Presence of Exogenous Glucose.” Physiol. Plant. 118, 456-463 (2003).