Yang Cao

CaoYang_wYang Cao
Director of the Electrical Insulation Research Center and
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
97 North Eagleville Rd.
Storrs, CT 06269-3136
Phone: (860) 486-0915
Email: yang.cao@uconn.edu


  • PhD, University of Connecticut, 2002

Research Focus

High Voltage, Electronic Materials

Current Publications

US Patent 8,421,419, April 16, 2013, “Anti-Ferroelectric Capacitor Enabled Power Converter”.

Q. Chen, C. Calebrese, S. Zhong, Y. Cao, “Nanoclay Reinforced Ethylene-Propylene-Rubber for Low-Cost HVDC Cabling,” 2013 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference, Oral Presentation, March 2013.

US Patent 8,308,506, November 13, 2012, “Ultra-Low Capacitance High Voltage Cable Assemblies for CT Systems”.

US Patent 8,288,911, Oct.16, 2012, “Non-Linear Dielectrics Used as Electrical Insulation for Rotating Electrical Machinery”.

US Patent 8,247,484, August 21, 2012, “High Temperature Polymer Composites and Methods of Making the Same”.

US Patent 8,094,431, July 10, 2012, “Methods for Improving the Dielectric Properties of a Polymer, and Related Articles and Devices”.

US Patent 8,218,291, January 10, 2012, “Monomers for Preparing Polycarbonate Resins, Methods of Preparing the Monomers, Polycarbonate Resins Prepared with the Monomers, and Capacitors Comprising the Polycarbonate Resins”.

US Patent 7,976,218, Jul 12, 2011, “Apparatus for Providing Shielding in a Multispot X-Ray Source and Method of Making Same”.

US Patent 7,815,820, Oct. 19, 2010 “Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Polymer Composites and Methods of Manufacture”.

US Patent 7,809,114, Oct. 5, 2010 “Field Emitter Based Electron Source for Multiple Spot X-Ray”.