AMETEK OX-TRAN 2/12 OTR Analyzer

Ametek Ox-Tran 2/12 OTR Analyzer

Available Methods and Accessories

  • Wide range detection for low and high-level barriers
  • Test films and Packages
  • ASTM F2622 Compliant

Sample Requirements

  • Films - 5 in. x 5 in. (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm) or
  • Films - 4.25 in. x 4.25 in. (10.8 cm x 10.8 cm)
  • Controlled RH - Up to 2 liters per package
  • Packages - Up to 3 liters per package

Detection Limits

  • Detection levels available down to 0.05 to 200 cc/(m2*day)
  • Fully automated temperature, flow and RH controls simplify testing and provide unparalleled repeatability (no RH on T Model)
  • Reliable Oxygen sensor for accurate repeatable results
  • Test temperature range 20 to 50 °C
  • Films - Dry or Ambient
  • Films or Packages at Unknown Wet RH
  • Test Cells per Module, Two - 50cm2 Test Cells

Summary of Technique

  • For transmission rate measurement a known concentration Test Gas (usually 100% Oxygen) is applied to one side of the barrier material to be tested and the other side is swept with an oxygen free Carrier Gas (nitrogen). The Test Gas (oxygen) is continuously admitted to bottom half of the cell and allowed to exit through an exhaust port.
  • The Carrier Gas enters the top half of the cell. As Test Gas permeates the sample barrier it mixes with the Carrier Gas. The output side (exhaust) of the test cell is routed to an oxygen sensor. The amount of oxygen in the carrier gas is measured using the oxygen detector.
  • The oxygen permeation measurement systems feature 2 independent cells with changeable horizontal test cartridges that allow a wide variety of sample sizes and types to be easily and accurately tested.

Information Provided


  • Designed to measure the oxygen transmission rate of flat film samples.
  • Ideal for applications which require increasingly better oxygen barriers.
  • Film and resin manufacturers, converters and packagers in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, medical device and electronics will benefit from the OTR greater sensitivity for measuring ultra-oxygen barrier characteristics for films and packages.
  • Measures barrier films and packages accurately and repeatably down to 5 X 10-4 cc/(m2 day) at precise temperature and relative humidity conditions

Lab Location and Contact Information

Lab Location:  Science 1 Research Center
Lab Manager: Dennis Ndaya

Industrial Affiliates are encouraged to contact
IAP Director Paul Nahass
or Assistant Director Hatice Bodugoz-Senturk