IMS Office of Finance and Administration

The Institute of Materials Science is committed to providing timely and expert support for all facets of administration and financial management.  We aim for transparency, timeliness, professionalism and accessibility of our team and information for all our internal and external stakeholders.


Brianna Demers

Brianna Demers
Assistant Director for Finance and Administration

Directs and oversees unit finance and
administration. Responsible for business
policies and practices in each service area.


Building Support

Joshua Strecker

Joshua Strecker
Facilities Manager

Responsible for building functions and
logistics.  Primary contact for building
access, safety training, repairs and


Vacant Position

Currently Vacant
Laboratory Technician

Responsible for management of the IMS

Sponsored Grants and Contracts

Christina Tamburro

Lisa Conant
Pre-Award Grants and Contracts Specialist

Responsible for pre-award research administration.  Is primary contact for submission approvals and documentation.  Acts as a conduit for proposals routed for approval through the SPS Central Office.


Christina Tamburro

Christina Tamburro
Post-Award Grants and Contracts Specialist

Responsible for post-award research administration activities, from award through closeout.  Includes payroll, procurement, forecasting, reporting, effort, and other project-specific transactional needs.


Currently Vacant
Financial Assistant

Performs post-award transactions and assists with administrative processes for sponsored research accounts.

Business Operations Center

Lena Mastrangelo

Lena Dwelley
Business Operations Specialist

Responsible for IMS service centers and revenue programs; provides day-to-day support for non-sponsored faculty research accounts.

Maria Mejias

Maria Mejias
Administrative Specialist, Business Operations

Performs operational transactions and assists with administrative processes for unrestricted accounts.

Other Administrative Support

Kaitlyn Cullen

Kaitlyn Cullen
Administrative Assistant to
the Director

Provides direct support to the IMS Director and main office.

Osker Dahabsu

Osker Dahabsu
Administrative Specialist, Graduate Programs

Primary contact for unit academic programs (Materials Science, Polymer, Advance Materials), provides direct support to the Polymer Program Director.

Rhonda Ward

Rhonda M. Ward
Administrative Specialist, Industrial Affiliates Program
Webmaster and Publicist

Provides administrative support to the Industrial Affiliates Program.  Serves as unit webmaster and publicist.