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Jeffrey S. Schweitzer

SchweitzerJeffreySJeffrey S. Schweitzer
Research Professor

Department of Physics
2152 Hillside Road, U-3046
Storrs, CT 06269-3046
Phone: (860) 486-6010
Email:  Web:




  • Ph.D., Physics, Purdue University, 1972
  • M.S., Physics, Purdue University, 1969
  • B.S., Physics, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1967


Research Focus

  • Studies of laboratory nuclear astrophysics to understand the evolution of the universe
  • Non-linear time series analysis of variable solar and astrophysical phenomena
  • Planetary science, including instrument development for satellites and landers, to investigate the formation and evolution of the solar system
  • Nanoscale studies for understanding the kinetics of chemical reactions
  • Applied research in detector materials, forensic science, medical physics, and industrial continuum nuclear physics


Current Publications

M. Castallote, J. Fullea, P. G. de Viedma, C. Andrade, C. Alonso, I. Llorente, X. Turrilas, J. Campo, J. S. Schweitzer, T. Spillane, R. A. Livingston, C. Rolfs, H.-W. Becker, “Hydrogen Embrittlement of High-Strength Steel Submitted to Slow Strain Rate Testing Studied by Nuclear Resonance Reaction Analysis and Neutron Diffraction,” Nucl. Inst. & Meth. B259, 975-983, 2007.

T. Spillane, F. Raiola, F. Zeng, H. W. Becker, C. Bordeanu, L. Gialanella, C. Rolfs, M. Romano, D. Schurmann, J. Schweitzer, F. Streider, “Study of the12C+12C Fusion Reactions Near the Gamow Energy,” Phys. Rev. Lett., 98, 122501, 2007.

C. P. Oden, J. S. Schweitzer, and G. M. McDowell, “The Feasibility of Well-Logging Measurements of Arsenic Levels Using Neutron Activation Analysis,” Appl. Rad. and Isot., 64, 1074-1081, 2006.

H. Akkurt, J. L. Groves, J. Trombka, L. Lim, T. McClanahan, R. James, T. McCoy and J. Schweitzer, “Pulsed Neutron Generator System for Astrobiological and Geochemical Exploration of Planetary Bodies,” Nucl. Instr. & Meth. B241, 232-237, 2005.

N. Jevtic, S. Zelechosky, H. Feldman, C. Peterson and J. Schweitzer, “Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of the DB White Dwarf” PG1351+489 Light Intensity Curves, The Astrophysical Journal, 635, 527-539, 2005.