UV‐VIS‐NIR Spectroscopy – Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050

Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050

Sample Requirements

  • µL - 3 mL for liquids
  • 1 cm x 1 cm or larger for thin films

Summary of Technique

Exposure to desired discrete wavelength(s) tests the sample’s ability to absorb/transmit light. This technique can be used to determine the band gap of a material.

Information Provided & Detection Limits

Typically ppm range.


  • 175-3300 nm range
  • Double monochromator
  • PMT detector for UV-vis range
  • InGaAs & PbS detectors for NIR range
  • Tungsten-halogen & deuterium lamps
  • Transmittance mode only

Lab Location and Contact Information

Lab Location: Science 1, G20
Lab Manager: Capri Price