Shinae Jang

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor in Residence

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010

Research Focus

  • Structural Dynamics and Experimental Dynamics
  • Structural Health Monitoring Algorithms
  • Long-term Bridge Health Monitoring
  • Wireless Smart Sensor Technology
  • Finite Element Modeling and Model Updating
  • Railway Monitoring
  • Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
  • yber-Physical Systems
  • FID-based Crack Monitoring


  • The 2014 JM Ko Medal of Advances in Structural Engineering (2014)
  • ASCE, Excellence in Civil Engineering Education (ExCEEd) fellowship (2012)


Eskew, E. L. and Jang, S. (2019). “Remaining capacity estimation for buildings after an explosion using the adaptive alternate path analysis.” Advances in Structural Engineering 1-12. PDF (published online.)

Bruciati, B., Jang, S., Fils, P. (2019). “RFID-Based crack detection of ultra high-performance concrete retrofitted beams.” Sensors 2019, 19, 1573; doi:10.3390/s19071573. PDF (published online)

Martinez-Castro, R.E., Jang, S., Kim, J., and Wentworth, A. (2019). “Experimental evaluation of a low-cost RFID-based sensor to crack propagation.” Journal of Aerospace Engineering, ASCE, 32 (2); 04019003. PDF

Martinez-Castro, R.E., Jang, S., Nicholas, J., Bansal, R. (2017) “Experimental assessment of an RFID-based crack sensor for steel structures.” Smart Materials and Structures, Vol. 26, Num. 8. PDF. (published online).

Jin, C., Jang, S., Sun, X. (2016) “An integrated real-time structural damage detection method based on extended Kalman filter and dynamic statistical process control,” Advances in Structural engineering, doi: 10.1177/1369433216658484, PDF (published online).

Eskew, E., Jang, S. (2016) “Remaining stiffness estimation of buildings using incomplete measurements”, Structural Control and Health Monitoring. PDF (published online).

Jin, C., Jang, S., Sun, X., Li, J., Christenson, R. (2016) “Damage detection of a full-scale highway bridge under severe temperature changes using state-space-aided machine learning”, Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, 6: 545-560.

Jang, S., Dahal, S. (2015) “Full-scale application of Stochastic DLV method for highway bridge health monitoring”, Advances in Structural Engineering.

Quinones, M.M., Montejo, L., Jang, S. (2015). “Experimental and numerical evaluation of wavelet based damage detection methodologies.” Int. J. Adv. Struct. Eng. 7 (1), 69-80.

Eskew, E., Jang, S. (2014). “Damage Assessment of a Building subjected to a Terrorist Attack.” Advances in Structural Engineering 17(11)1963-1704.

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Shinae Jang
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