Steven L. Suib

Director, Institute of Materials Science

Board of Directors Distinguished Professor

Department of Chemistry


  • Postdoctoral Associate, University of Illinois, 1979
  • Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • B. S. SUNY, Fredonia

Research Focus

  • Synthesis by molecular design of environmentally friendly catalysts, surfaces, ceramics, adhesives and other materials. Characterization of the structural, surface, bulk, optical, magnetic, electronic, morphologic and thermal properties of these materials is also a vital part of this work.
  • Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic studies of porous transition metal oxide materials is being pursued. Redox catalytic cycles developed based on changes in oxidation states of these materials. Some of the catalytic reactions include activation of CO2, water splitting, selective oxidation of hydrocarbons, gas oil cracking, Fischer tropsch, biomass conversion, and others.
  • Microwave heating being used to make novel nano-size materials as well as to drive catalytic reactions. Other applications include adsorption, sensors, and battery materials.


  • Fellow, American Academy for the Advancement of Science, 2020
  • Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, 2012
  • Elected Chair for the Applied Chemical Technology Subdivision (ACTS) of the American Chemical Society (ACS), 2011


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Dutta, B.; Clarke, R.; Raman, S.; Shaffer, T. D.; Achola, L.; Nandi, P.; Suib, Steven L., Lithium Promoted mesoporous manganese oxide catalyzed oxidation of allyl ethers, NatureComm., 2019, 10, 1-6.

Steven L. Suib
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