About the Industrial Affiliates Program

Since 1974, the Institute of Material Science’s Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) has provided technical materials analysis services and convenient access to resources at the Institute of Materials Science (IMS) to assists industry with short-term, materials-related research, development, characterization and production projects. The IAP is generally an annual membership for industry, though individual fee-for-service requests are welcomed and a good way to get to know our capabilities. The Program supports economic development of industry in the state and surrounding region. Your membership fee provides access to essential scientific and technical resources of our IMS faculty, leveraging a deep understanding of materials, engineering, and processing coupled with some of the best characterization laboratories in the world, to help industry solve their technical material challenges. A sample of our facilities and instrumentation utilized to solve industry problems include:

  • Electron Microscopy: 7 high-performance Thermo Fisher Scientific TEM and SEM instruments.
  • Chemical Composition:  GC/MS, FTIR, Raman, NMR, XPS, HPLC.
  • Polymer Analysis:  TGA, TMA, DSC, DMA, GPC.
  • Polymer processing: 3 compounders, 3 rheometers
  • Mechanical Testing:  4 tensile testers, nano-indenter, tribometer
  • X-Ray and Scattering:  XRD, SAXS, dynamic light scattering
  • Surface and Nano Characterization:  3 AFMs, optical profilometry
  • Other:  particle size, moisture, contact angle, refractive index, centrifuge
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What distinguishes IAP from many other university characterization facilities, is the staff develop meaningful relationships with member companies, to understand their technology and their business. We often listen to a company problem and recommend a customized solution; we do this quickly and without administrative burden. For equipment not available within IMS, we will connect you to the appropriate equipment throughout the entire UConn system.

Typical requests include:

  • analysis of product and process difficulties
  • troubleshooting of raw materials
  • identification of contaminants
  • failure analysis
  • early stage product development

Assistance typically involves materials testing, often with input from faculty specializing in the specific subject matter. Small feasibility studies of research platforms are also possible and easily transitioned into longer-term research projects. We accept requests on a case-by-case basis; however, many companies have found membership in the Industrial Affiliates Program to be an invaluable resource which fosters a more intimate, long-term working relationship. Through membership, IMS grows to become an integral part of the company’s technical team and a problem-solving partner.  Submit a request.

Contact us for more information about IAP membership:

Director: Dr. Paul Nahass
Phone: 860.486.4186
Email: paul.nahass@uconn.edu (preferred)

Paul is a veteran manager with an extensive industrial background in materials R&D. He has worked in R&D management at Cabot Corporation, Aspen Aerogels, Hyperion Catalysis, and Albany International, as well as several startups, one which he co-founded. He has broad materials application experience in nanotechnology, defense and aerospace, metals and ceramics, textiles, electronics, paper, plastics, wearable technology, consumer products, medical devices, and energy-efficiency. He is well-practiced in government funding, including numerous industry-academic partnerships. He has a Ph.D. in materials science, and S.B. and S.M. in chemical engineering, all from MIT.

Associate Director: Dr. Hatice Bodugoz Senturk
Phone: 860.486.1040
Email: Hatice.bodugoz_senturk@uconn.edu

Hatice received her M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in chemistry from Hacettepe University (Turkey). She graduated with an extensive background on polymer synthesis, processing and characterization. She worked at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) from 2008-2015, first as a post-doctoral fellow, then as Research Manager and Instructor of Orthopaedic Surgery – Biomaterials at Harvard Medical School. Her research focused on developing new materials and medical devices, methods and technologies for musculoskeletal system disorders and soft tissue repair. She published several peer-reviewed papers in world renowned journals and she is an inventor on several patents.